Chemin principal et chemins secondaires

This place is for me to share paintings from THE Guiding Light I cherish above any other in visual arts: Paul Klee.

Let’s start with ‘Chemin principal et chemins secondaires’. Nile valley. And an underlying statement about main road vs. secondary roads (in art and life).


Added on Feb 23, 2016:

Klee had a very simple yet effective numbering system for his paintings (i guess you can find out by looking at paintings). Below another great, early, north africa-influenced painting. And Klee indeed worked with small canvas.


Ouvrages de référence

In this post i plan to share a few books I really enjoyed reading. Some of them are fairly practical in nature and focus on what i call ‘Life in Balance’. A good book is a book you read more than once, either in full or bit by bit. This is definitively the case with these.

To start with, a recent book by Chris Bailey about productivity (ie, doing more or the same with less).  The good thing here is that the author walked the talk and experimented tools that work and others that don’t.

Added in Feb 23, 2016:

One companion for life is Baltasar Gracián. His book ‘The Art of Wordly Wisdom’ (dd 1647) is a page turner, full of short maxims that make you a balanced individual.


GR223 Menorca

In late 2015 I walked around Menorca in 10 days. I will post pictures from time to time about this great walk.

Evernote Snapshot 20151106 100137.jpg

On my way to Alcaufar for my last day.

Added on Feb 2, 2016:

Ciutadella. Great city for a break after 5 days of walking across the north part of the island. 


Ciutadella. The Cathedral. Typical yellow stone.

Added on Feb 13, 2016:

The north coast is wild and makes for a interesting walk. Great track towards Es Alocs.



Added on March 5, 2016:

Walking down the hill to the light blue sea with the smell of pines and wet leaves. This is the south coast of the island.