Time to talk about Belgian products in this blog. Small country, amazing tradition of good food. Best restaurant in the world is from Belgium, remember.

So, a typical product from my home region is Sirop de Liege. Amazing with brown bread and goat cheese and to cook rabbits… You need to try this. Rabbit with oignons, belgian beer (what else), mustard (belgian mustard of course) and Sirop. A great dish for winter time. I grew with this natural product (apple, pears, that’s about it).

Added on Feb. 28, 2016:

Advokaat (with a K, not a C) is a typical product from Flanders/Holland. OK, better not to count the Kcal of this product. But, hey, you should taste with moderation anyway. Very nice with vanilla ice cream or pure. Some alcohol in it. Incredible, bright yellow color too.