Orchestral lush

This part of VDR on Sound is all about luxuriant orchestral pieces.

One name who is very british and relatively unknown in continental europe is Arnold Bax.

Have a go at his tone poems. See  Arnold Bax

Added on Feb 28, 2016:

I recently discovered the symphonies of Alexander Glazunov. He for too long remained in the shadow of other famous russian composers. Squeezed between two eras of music, he was either too old-fashioned or academic (Stravinsky’s view) or a Rimsky-Korsakov ‘me too’ follower. None of this true is you listen for instance to his third symphony.

Added on Apr 2, 2017:

I just finished reading a great biography about Albert Roussel by Damien Top.


Roussel, French musician used to work in the marine and as such travelled the world… But he quickly afterwards fell in love with forests, settled in a pavillon in France and produced several works of high quality. These works are influenced by far travels (the opera Padmavati), the sea and the Woods (first symphony), among others. He also composed great chamber music (more about this another time).

One of his biggest successes, and the one that fits in this ‘orchestral lush’ section must be the third symphony. See as an example the first movement thereof, so powerful. He was an example for many musicians of his time and a beloved teacher to famous other artists like Satie, Varese or another favorite of mine: Martinu. I will later also come back to one of his teachers from the Schola Cantorum: D’Indy.